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Celebrating 21 years of protecting Aussie bones & announcing the latest innovation in fracture prediction

This Thursday, October 13, Healthy Bones Australia will announce its 21st anniversary of  protecting Aussie bones, and its new partnership with a local company, to develop a revolutionary diagnostic fracture prediction tool.


Two decades ago, osteoporosis was largely overlooked, and untreated. Thanks to Healthy Bones Australia’s pioneering bone health work however, osteoporosis is now recognised as an important chronic disease, and a national health priority area.


Over the past 21 years, Healthy Bones Australia has:

  • advocated for broader access to osteoporosis treatments;

  • financially supported Australian bone researchers;

  • educated Australians about the importance of bone health;

  • teamed with GPs to promote early diagnosis; and

  • partnered with government to better prioritise bone health policy.


Healthy Bones Australia is now focusing on innovations, such as this new diagnostic tool, to pave the way for earlier detection, and treatment of osteoporosis.


For more on Healthy Bones Australia’s focus for the next five years, including the new diagnostic tool set to help doctors both identify, and treat, a fracture before it occurs, tee up an interview with a spokesperson below.

Did you know?

  • This year (2022), a fracture is occurring every 2.9 minutes,1 resulting in 501 fractures per day, 3,521 fractures per week, and 183,105 fractures per year.1

  • The projected total cost of poor bone health among Australians aged 50+ years this year is an est. AUD 3.84 billion.1

  • Early diagnosis of osteoporosis is crucial to reducing fracture rates, their subsequent impacts and costs.



Mr Greg Lyubomirsky

Associate Prof Peter Wong

Prof Peter Ebeling, AO


Professor Ego Seeman, OAM

Chief Executive Officer, Healthy Bones Australia, SYDNEY



Head, Dept of Rheumatology, Westmead Hospital,Chair, Healthy Bones Australia Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee, SYDNEY

Chairman, Healthy Bones Australia & endocrinologist, Head of Department of Medicine, Monash Medical Centre, Monash University,, MELBOURNE

CurveBeam AI Medical Director, Professor & Endocrinologist, Departments of Medicine & Endocrinology, Austin Health, University of Melbourne, MELBOURNE

Healthy Bones Australia Patron

Helen Dalley 

TV presenter, journalist & podcaster, SYDNEY

Australians living with osteoporosis

Marilyn, 67

Carole, 68

Elaine, 58


Ainslee, 44

Renee, 42 

Kimberly, 42

Graphic designer & classic car enthusiast diagnosed with osteoporosis after falling & fracturing her arm, SYDNEY

Retired business consultant who has sustained multiple bone fractures & loss of height, CENTRAL COAST, NSW

Consumer advocate, GP practice manager, mum & grandmother living with severe osteoporosis, MELBOURNE

Disability advocate with congenital osteoporosis at 35 years of age, GEELONG

Cancer survivor who sustained broken bones & was diagnosed with osteoporosis, GEELONG


Wife & mother-to-two who was diagnosed with pregnancy-related osteoporosis following the birth of her second child, BRISBANE



Kirsten Bruce & Tanya Younan

VIVA! Communications

T         02 9968 3741

M:       0401 717 566 | 0410 340 421

E: |  


To learn more about Healthy Bones Australia, head to, or for help and support, call 1800 242 141.

Follow Healthy Bones Australia on:    






1.  Watts, J., Ambimanyi-Ochom, J, & Sander K, Osteoporosis costing all Australians: A new burden of disease analysis 2012-2022. 2013, Osteoporosis Australia.

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